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Present your company as a professional Business, with clear A4 typed reports, invoices and statements which can be issued by email saving time and money. Use PestFriend safely knowing full support from Friendly Data Solutions is included in the rental.

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Site Report Writing

In PestFriend when completing a site report all data can be selected from drop down pre entered information. Details from customer’s name and address, locations visited, pests found, actions taken to resolve the identified problem have been stored in the main data base.

report menu v1

  • Reports written using PestFriend will allow quick identification of problems.
  • Drop down menus gives quick selection of correct location visited, problems identified and actions taken. Our logical design leaves no chance of forgetting to record key information about the site.
  • The main report is created by selecting tabs which presents a series of sections covering Report of Visit, Recommendations, Pests Found, Materials Used, Fly Unit Work and Bar Code input from Pest Control devices.
  • The easy selection of appropriate texts collate to form paragraphs, including numeric values and lists of items. Allows for clear readable reports. Additional non-standard text can be added – for instance a reference to an attached photograph.
  • The texts selected plus any additional text typed is shown in full on the input screen. Multiple paragraphs can be checked on the review screen, which allows the entered paragraphs to be re-sequenced if necessary.
  • Pests found are selected with equal ease. When Pests are identified within the Fly Unit reporting feature, catch tray quantities can be recorded from quantity menus which include actual and a range values.
  • Quantities of Materials used are selected from drop down lists.
  • A good clear report, designed to be printed on site to a portable A4 printer. Less paperwork more time to for Pest Control work. Customers appreciate the professional appearance.