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Present your company as a professional Business, with clear A4 typed reports, invoices and statements which can be issued by email saving time and money. Use PestFriend safely knowing full support from Friendly Data Solutions is included in the rental.

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PestFriend allows a Technician to create a Job Work Quote plus Invoice on site in seconds. You can hand an Invoice to a customer at the end of the job, thus the opportunity of a delayed payment through “lost in the post” is removed. The Technician can mark the Invoice as paid, if payment is received. A total of all paid Invoices can be printed at end of day to give a cross check against receipts.

Five Quick Steps to Create an Invoice on Site

  1. Select the Site on the Quote Form
  2. Add Job Items and increase quantities (if required)
  3. Switch the Quote to an Invoice
  4. Enter any Delivery Costs or Deposits Paid
  5. Print Invoice and hand to Customer for payment

There is no need to leave a Site again ……… without creating an Invoice. Improve your Cashflow with PestFriend.


Contract Invoicing

Contract Invoices with PestFriend reduces the monthly task taking hours to one taking just a few minutes. Set up a contract once recording the repeat intervals, value and start date then allow the system to produce Invoices with correct dates in the due months. After running for a month, all dates are advanced by the repeat interval ready for when they are required to be created next.


Invoice Control

For all Invoices, PestFriend includes provision for recording the date payment is received or reconciled with bank statements. Overdue payments will be identified as statements are generated, which can include invoices for more than one site if payment comes from a head office. A standard facility is an overdue reminder letter. No more letter writing sessions.

Invoices can be printed or emailed to customers automatically using the PestFriend Email facility. If Invoices are sent to customers by email, they are sent as a pdf attachment. If using Outlook as the email client, a Read Request can be added to each email giving proof of delivery for an Invoice.



Quotes can be for a specific customer or initially for a “fictitious” customer to cover the telephone enquiry for a price. For the telephone enquiry, only the Post Code and work involved (selected from menus of standard jobs) needs to be identified to produce a price.

The Post Code enables the price to be automatically adjusted for the difficulty of working in the particular area. If necessary, the standard price can be further modified to reflect the difficulty of the job or as a discount to a regular customer.

If acceptable to a customer, then further details are then added including the specific customer details (or Customer ID for previous clients). Quotes created are stored on the system so that they can be converted to firm Quotes (with job scheduled dates) or Invoices. The details of any Quote produced on a Mobile machine are passed back to the Office machine as part of the end of day processing.