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Present your company as a professional Business, with clear A4 typed reports, invoices and statements which can be issued by email saving time and money. Use PestFriend safely knowing full support from Friendly Data Solutions is included in the rental.

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Pestfriend Pest Control Software

  • Visit’s data entered on site & produces a printed visit report. Facilities to produce quotes and invoices on site.
  • All the visit’s data is transferred to the central data base and will be stored in the visit history.
  • The central database is used to store / set information and parameters used by the system. All changes will be transferred at the next update to the mobile machine.
  • Data can be entered using a multitude of different devices Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPC) or Netbooks running MS Windows XP, Windows 7/ 8 Tablets. The system can also be used on non-tablet versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & 8 using Netbooks or larger mobile computers.
  • PestFriend makes all aspects of a Pest Controller’s work quicker, whilst reducing costs & making sure all charges are included for the job.

We are confident in the first year of use, PestFriend will have a positive effect on profits. Doing nothing will cost you money.

PestFriend Pricing

All pricing options include user support and future enhancements. The Base Package consists of the Office Version and first Mobile.

Extra Mobiles can be added at any time which reduces the unit rental cost per Mobile.

All pricing are plus VAT.

Pricing Option 1

prices are per month

From £75

for a minimum 18 month term.
(Our most popular option)

Pricing Option 3

prices are per month

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