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Present your company as a professional Business, with clear A4 typed reports, invoices and statements which can be issued by email saving time and money. Use PestFriend safely knowing full support from Friendly Data Solutions is included in the rental.

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PestFriend is more than just a very quick reporting system. The main menu shown below gives a clue to the areas available in PestFriend. Each main menu item opens up a sub-menu with a hosts of features for the selected item.


All the features in PestFriend give the Pest Controller a positive return on the investment in the software. We are totally confident that PestFriend will save you money in the first year of use.

Entering data once and using it many times. The Customer / Site details are entered once and then used for:-

▸ Quotes. ▸ Invoices. ▸ Repeating (Contract) Invoice definition. ▸ Delivery Notes ▸ Site Reports

  • Job Work Quotes
  • Contract Work Quotes
  • Contract Work Invoices
  • Job Work Invoices
  • Expenses
  • Site Reports
  • Savings


  • Consistent pricing for the same work in the same area.
  • History of work and price charged on previous visits.
  • Pricing which takes account of local conditions – nothing overlooked.
  • Job Work Invoices produced on site – improves cash flow.
  • Ability to monitor Invoice payments made during a site visit.
  • All Contract Invoices for a month created in seconds.
  • Minimises the opportunity of missing a Contract Invoice.
  • Invoices can be produced by site or directed to a Head Office.
  • Statements of outstanding Invoices to help chase overdue payment.
  • Analysis of Site Visit data highlights ongoing problems.
  • Never lose a copy of a Site Report but reprint for customer with ease.