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The PestFriend system will run on any PC, Laptop, Tablet PC or Netbook which has either Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 as it’s operating system. There are many alternative hardware solutions we at Friendly Data Solutions can recommend for the Mobile system.

samsung_q1_ultra_smallThe first of these is the Samsung Q1 Ultra tablet PC. This machine was the first machine to fill the gap between the limited display on a PDA and the smallest laptops. PestFriend was designed to make full use of the screen area available on this highly portable machine.

The system will have all of your customers, pests and recommendations pre-loaded so therefore the Q1’s small keyboard on either side of the screen is perfect for using quick, easy data entry. The ability to point and click with the pen is also quicker than using a mouse. Since the introduction of the Samsung Q1 Ultra machines, a number of alternatives have appeared in the market offering a similar screen size / resolution whilst also being ultra portable.

The latest tablet from Dell which has been used with PestFriend is the Dell Latitude 10 running Windows 8. User feedback indicates that this machine is very fast, easy to use, slim and light with good Bluetooth and Wireless connectivity.

Dell_Latitude_10 tablet_with_Dock_StnIt also offers key advantages such as a battery pack which can be changed whilst out on the road. However with a typical battery life of 8 hours, this should not normally be a problem. The optional dock facility offers even more battery options as well as additional connection ports not included on the main tablet.

Dell_Latitude_10 Windows 8 Pro tabletDell have produced a simplified version of the machine labeled “Essentials”; if signature capture is required within PestFriend, the cheaper Essentials version is not recommended.

First shown running PestFriend at PestTech 2012 is the Gigabyte S1081 Slate. This machine will run as a stand-alone touch screen with an on-screen keyboard (opened / closed by a well positioned button) or can be connected to a slim keyboard which creates a very light machine equivalent to a laptop or tablet. The screen can be controlled by the touch of a finger. For signatures, a capacitive touch stylus is recommended for best results.


FizzBookAlso shown at PestTech 2012 running PestFriend was the ZooStorm FizzBook Tablet. This machine was originally designed for the school market and is thus very rugged / waterproof. However for very cost effective machine able to capture signatures, this is an ideal modern machine. This machine comes with a built in stylus.

Dell-inspiron-duo_2The Dell Inspiron Duo gives another popular alternative for PestFriend users by transforming from a conventional format to a tablet format by flipping the screen within an outer frame. The flip screen format means the machine transforms to a tablet very quickly and with two fixed pivot points produces a very firm touchscreen when partially flipped.

T91_Views_v6_smallAnother alternative The Tablet Netbook offers all the ease of a touch screen whilst providing a full Qwerty keyboard and touchpad. The ASUS T91 offers an ideal platform to run PestFriend with a very clear touch screen which can be used in the conventional position for a Netbook or swiveled 180 degrees and used as a tablet with the keyboard hidden below the screen.

Since its introduction in 2009, the ASUS T91 has proved a popular machine with our new customers and those adding extra Mobile machines. Touch screen enabled machines allow the PestFriend Report Signature feature to be used. This allows the customer to sign the screen to show acceptance of the Site Report and the entered signature then to be shown on printed versions of the Site Report. The similar ASUS T101-MT provides a slightly larger screen within the tablet format.

eee-pc-901-black_smallThe EeePC series of Netbooks have been providing machines as a first machine for a new user or a reserve machine for occasional use.

Consider an ASUS EeePC901for a cheaper model. In common with most current Netbooks, these machines are not supplied with a touch screen which means the mouse / touchpad has to be used to make selections.

With a full Qwerty keyboard and a 8.9 inch LCD display the ASUS EeePc 901 is perfect for PestFriend.

These examples of computers range from the original Samsung through to modern Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 machines. This means any laptop, netbook or tablet PC can run the system leaving choice of machine to be based on easy of use / cost.

We are equally happy to supply machines to customers or give buying advice to them on suitable machines to run PestFriend.

As new machines are constantly being introduced and the features of the current machines enhanced, this page is intended as an overview guide. Please contact us for the latest information about suitable machines.