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Present your company as a professional Business, with clear A4 typed reports, invoices and statements which can be issued by email saving time and money. Use PestFriend safely knowing full support from Friendly Data Solutions is included in the rental.

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Visit Report

An example of a site report is available for download

Report Download

The Clear A4 report which can be printed on site includes:-

  • Your company logo.
  • Customer details.
  • Unique Visit number, Visit date (generated by the system).
  • Technicians Name, Client representative’s name.
  • Client representative’s signature (on Tablet enabled machines).

Sections covering

Visit Report.

  • Recommendations (including Responsibility).
  • Pests Found.
  • Materials used.

Most of these sections can be shown as individual reports if required.

Other Stand alone Reports

  • Fly Units
  • Barcode Data (for Pest Control devices checked).

The main report will show a reference to both these reports if they are created.

Alternative layout and contents are available.

All data is stored to History for future use to check actions and trends.