About Us

Everything you need to know about Friendly Data Solutions

Friendly Data Solutions Ltd. was formed to further expand the initial development of PestFriend, a software package for Pest Controllers. It was clear that significant improvements to facilities available could be made, as well as reducing the costs of day to day operation.

The feedback from the pest controller as each new feature was added helped the system develop rapidly as well as ensuring that all features were easy to use and worked as designed.

Friendly Data Solutions Ltd. was formed in December 2007 to act as the single point of contact for PestFriend.

Our Pest Control Expertise

Our development is based on our customer’s extensive knowledge of the pest control industry, who have given us informed feedback, but as new users started using PestFriend, we gain a broader understanding of the problems faced by a pest controller in the course of their daily work.

Our logo symbolises how we wish to work with our customers – their comments have helped us to focus on practical solutions for everyday situations encountered by pest controllers. Our solutions often go far beyond their original request.

We encourage PestFriend users to network with other pest control companies – the PestFriend community can support each other by covering for holidays or reduce travelling as well as giving a focused view of a new enhancement.

PestFriend is the future as we are always looking for further developments.

Our Computing Expertise

FITEC Consultants is a small IT company specializing in Small Business and Home Users. We cover all aspects of personal Computers, user education and training, business consultancy, selection / advantages of standard software packages, design of bespoke software and small network set up. With Small Business / Home Computing covering such a diverse range of topics, our areas of expertise are supplemented with a network of experts in associated fields – in effect a one stop shop for all your computing needs. FITEC Consultants has now been incorporated within Friendly Data Solutions Ltd.

The Early Years

FITEC Consultants Ltd started trading in 1992 with its principle consultant – Nicholas Peek. Initially much of the work was with large manufacturing systems, stock control and accounting interfaces. In that same year Nicholas received the prestigious ICL Computer Users Association “Community Award” for services to users. This was in recognition of the work carried out whilst working at Racal and chairing the OMAC User Group – Enhancement Group.

Alongside the ongoing system design / support / consultancy work for large customers, a growing awareness of the needs of small businesses developed – driven partly by FITEC Consultants own needs. Systems set in place for the business mimicked the controls in larger companies but tailored to the developing PC format. Introducing the controls showed good returns on all investment.

The development of a very successful Recipe and Invoicing System for a local baker lead to the request for a similar facility for the Pest Control industry. This initial software developed into what is now PestFriend.